Thursday, July 16, 2015

Intel HD Graphics - Nvidia and AMD Equivalents

Intel HD Graphics are getting better with each generation, but they still offer performance at the level of low end dedicated video cards from Nvidia and AMD. If you wonder which Nvidia or AMD video card your Intel HD Graphics is equivalent to in order to make the proper choice for upgrade or simply out of curiosity, then you have come to the right place. In this article I'm going to show you which dedicated video cards offer the same performance as the different generations of Intel HD Graphics.

The table below shows the dedicated Nvidia and AMD video cards, which offer approximately the same level of performance as the corresponding model of Intel HD Graphics. The last column of the table illustrates the performance of each Intel HD Graphics model relative to Intel HD 2000, i.e. how many times faster it is than Intel HD 2000. This is useful information, because an Intel HD Graphics with a larger model number is newer, but not always faster than one with a smaller model number.

Intel GraphicsNvidia LaptopNvidia DesktopAMD LaptopAMD DesktopSpeed
Intel HD 2000GeForce 210mGeForce 205Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XTRadeon HD 34501.0
Intel HD 2500GeForce 305mGeForce 210Mobility Radeon HD 2600Radeon HD 34701.2
Intel HD 3000GeForce 310mGeForce 510Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XTRadeon HD 54501.5
Intel HD 4000GeForce 620mGeForce 710Radeon HD 7550mRadeon HD 64502.5
Intel HD 4400GeForce 710mGeForce 720Radeon R5 M230Radeon HD 55502.8
Intel HD 4600GeForce 710mGeForce 720Radeon R5 M230Radeon HD 55503.0
Intel HD 5000GeForce 710mGeForce 720Radeon R5 M230Radeon HD 55503.0
Intel Iris 5100GeForce 720mGeForce 720Radeon R5 M230Radeon HD 55703.2
Intel HD 5300GeForce 620mGeForce 620Radeon HD 7550mRadeon R5 235X2.4
Intel HD 5500GeForce 710mGeForce 720Radeon R5 M240Radeon HD 55703.1
Intel HD 5600GeForce 710mGeForce 720Radeon R5 M240Radeon HD 55703.5
Intel HD 6000GeForce 820mGeForce 720Radeon R5 M240Radeon HD 55703.7
Intel Iris 6100GeForce 820mGeForce 730Radeon R5 M240Radeon R7 2404.0
Intel HD 515GeForce 710mGeForce 720Radeon R5 M230Radeon R5 235X2.8
Intel HD 520GeForce 820mGeForce 730Radeon R5 M240Radeon R7 2403.8
Intel HD 530GeForce 920mGeForce 730Radeon R7 M360Radeon R7 2404.5
Intel HD 630GeForce 920mGeForce 740Radeon R7 M360Radeon R7 2404.8

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  1. Thanks a lot. Been looking for this.

  2. I have a Intel® Sandybridge Desktop Which one of these is that?

    1. Hi, it depends on your exact Sandy Bridge processor. If it's a core i processor whose model number ends with K ("Core i5 2500K", "Core i7 2600K", etc.) or a core i processor whose model number ends with 5 ("Core i3 2125", "Core i5 2405S", etc.), then it comes with Intel HD Graphics 3000. In all other cases it comes with the slower Intel HD Graphics 2000. You can also do a Google search for you processor's exact model number and you will find more info about its Intel HD Graphics version.

  3. Does this mean that I should use my Intel 530 graphics rather than my GTX 645?

    1. Hi, GeForce GTX 645 is much faster (about 60%) than Intel HD 530, so if you need more performance for gaming or graphics intensive applications, stick to your GeForce GTX 645. If you don't need additional graphics power, for example if you are only browsing or watching movies on your PC, Intel HD 530 will be more than enough and you can remove the GeForce GTX 645 to save electricity.

  4. can you include the Intel HD 510 its the graphics in the celeron and Pentium skylake processors and maybe the intel 630 graphics if there is enough of a difference from the Intel 530.

    1. I've added Intel HD 630 to the table. It's the graphics integrated in some desktop and notebook processors of the 7-th Intel core i generation of processors (Kaby Lake). Intel HD Graphics 630 is just slightly better (about 8 - 10%) than the older Intel HD Graphics 530.

  5. What is the equivalent of a GeForce GTX 660, in Intel?

    1. Hi, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 is much more powerful than any Intel HD Graphics available at the time of this writing.