Got a tech product, service or website? Then advertising on my blog is a smart and cost-effective way to boost your traffic and sales. Let's start with some numbers:

Blog Stats

  • 40 000 unique visitors per month
  • 60 000 page views per month

Audience Profile

  • 100% of the readers are interested in tech and tech related news, products and services
  • 80% of the readers are gamers
  • 50% of the readers are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia

Advertising Options

  • Slot 1: Image banner up to 160 x 600 px, shown on all pages of the blog. I always place only 1 advertisement in the side bar, so it has great visibility.
  • Slot 2: Text link in a single article or in all articles in a given category. You can see the categories at the top of the right sidebar.

The gray rectangles in the following screenshot illustrate the ad slot locations (click it to enlarge it): ad slots

If you are interested, contact me for rates and availability.