Friday, February 18, 2022

Need For Speed Heat Keeps Minimizing

Need For Speed Heat (NFS Heat) is a great game by EA, but unfortunately it's not without issues. The most annoying bug I've experienced in this game is that often shortly after I run it, it minimizes to Windows taskbar. I then click its button in the taskbar to restore it, but it minimizes again one second later and so on. If on your computer Need For Speed Heat keeps minimizing to Windows, too, then read on. I have found a workaround that fixes the NFS Heat constantly minimizing issue.

I tried a lot of things like updating the EA Origin client, updating the Need For Speed Heat, updating drivers, deleting some game temporary files, but nothing worked. What did the trick on my PC was to close all applications, including the background applications whose icons are placed to the left of the system clock in the taskbar - see the screenshot below:

Right-click an icon of a background application and a context menu will open. There's usually a menu item called "Exit", "Quit" or "Close". Click it to close the background application. Do the same for the rest of your background applications except for your antivirus software. After closing all foreground and background applications, run Need for Speed Heat. It should be working fine without minimizing. When you finish playing the game, either run your background applications again or restart your computer and they will load automatically.

On my PC when I closed the "NVIDIA Settings" and "Razer Central" background applications, Need For Speed Heat (NFS Heat) stopped minimizing and I was able to enjoy this great game. I hope this helps you enjoy the game, too.

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  1. Working properly on windows 11 22h2 i3 10100F GTX 1050TI 16gb RAM. Thanks