Saturday, February 23, 2013

Missing Blogger Adsense Gadget

If when you go to the Layout tab of your Blogger's account, the Google Adsense gadget does not show on your blog's layout and also when you try to add it again, the AdSense gadget's picture is blank in the list of gadgets available for Blogger, then do not worry. I am going to show you how to fix the AdSense gadget missing problem. Here's a list of things to try:

  1. Disable your ad blocking browser extension
    If you are using an ad blocking extension for your web browser (for example AdBlock or AdBlock Plus) then it may be blocking the Google AdSense gadget. Try to disable it and then reload your blog's Layout page (use Ctrl + F5 from the keyboard) to see if that fixes the AdSense gadget missing problem. Some ad blocking extensions allow you to turn them off only for specific domains, so you can take advantage of this feature and disable it for the "" domain.
  2. Set your blog's language to English
    It is possible that your blog's language options prevent the AdSense gadget from functioning properly. To check if that causes the AdSense widget to be missing, go to Settings -> Formatting and set "English" for language. Then go to the Layout page and check whether this has fixed the problem with the missing AdSense gadget.
  3. Clear your browser's cache
    You can clear the cache of your web browser just to make sure it does not try to show you an old or invalid version of the layout page. Most browsers allow you to clear the cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del from the keyboard. When ready press F5 or Ctrl + F5 to reload the Layout page.
  4. Restore your original template
    If none of the above methods has helped you, you have one more thing to try - restore your template to its original version or to a version you have backed up, because if you have modified the HTML code of your template, you may have removed something important that has caused the problem with the missing Google AdSense widget.


  1. Thank you for your explanations, I wondered why my ads didn't appear since few weeks!

  2. Thank you that helped a lot. I've changed my blog's language to English, add my AdSense gadgets and changed the language setting back to the language I needed. It works very well.

  3. the information you provide sir is very relevant and helpful. Thank you so much.