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Gym Member Management and Billing Software

Gym, sports and health club owners have a lot of things to track and manage every day - members, visits, subscriptions, sales of products and services and so on. I've seen some gym owners write down all this information with a pen in a notebook and believe me, this is a heavy burden. Fortunately, we are in the 21-st century and computers can do this job for us with ease. In this article I'm going to review one of the most easy to use gym member management and billing software products, so if you are looking for such software for your gym, sports or health club, read on.

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Vladovsoft Fitorg is an easy to use, affordable gym member management and billing software that can help you keep track of your gym members, bookings, subscriptions, billing, products and services and so on. All of this comes with a pleasant user interface and in a small package (the installer is only 1 MB in size).

User Interface

Gym Member Management Software
Main Screen
Gym Member Screen
Member Screen
Gym Billing Charts and Reports
Charts and Reports

When you start the program it will ask you for username and password. The default ones are "admin", "admin". You can change them later. After you log in, the main screen of the program will open (take a look at the screenshot to the right). It consists of a well organized set of buttons that gives you access to the programs main features. The buttons are self-explanatory, but if you have any difficulties, you can always click the <Help> button and check out the documentation.

The principle Fitorg is based on is that you enter a set of client cards in the programs database. You can then give cards with barcodes matching the numbers you have entered in the program to your gym members and guests and when a member or guest enters the gym you can scan its card's barcode with a barcode scanner while you are on the "Client number" field and the member screen will open for this client. You can then click the green arrow to mark he has entered the gym and select what he uses for his visit - a subscription or a one time payment. If he uses a subscription Fitorg will ask you how many visits to take from it when the client exits the gym. You can also use the member screen to sell new subscriptions or products to your clients. When a member exits the gym simply put his card number in the "Client number" text box again and click the red arrow to mark him as left.

At any time you can click <Reports> and then <Clients in the Club> to see all members and guests that are currently in the gym. You can also take advantage of the other reports Fitorg provides for you - such as birthdays, today's sales, custom reports and charts (take a look to the image on the right).


  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable solution even for small gyms and health clubs
  • Provides a lot of features and reports
  • Well optimized - runs fine even on 10-year old computers
  • Works with unlimited number of products, services and customers
  • 100% clean - the program does not install any malware, spyware, browser toolbars or plugins and does not change you browser's homepage
  • Rich export capabilities - lets you save you reports in various popular file formats (Access, Excel, XML, in HTML as interactive web pages, etc.)
  • Network support, i.e. you can connect several instances of the Fitorg Client application to the main (server) application and they all will operate on the same data. This is handy if for example your gym has two or more entry points or you just need a second computer to monitor you club and perform client check ins/check outs.


  • Currently there isn't a web interface that clients can use to monitor their active subscriptions in order to see how many visits they have left.



Vladovsoft Fitorg is one of the most easy to use gym member management and billing software products available today. The program offers many useful features that can help you manage your club's membership details, bookings, deliveries and sales, accounts, billing, member tracking and activities, which makes it ideal for fitness clubs, gyms, health clubs, recreation and fitness centers. It has won numerous awards from respectable websites and portals and the best part - it is much more affordable than most of the similar solutions. To get a free, fully functional 30-day trial of Vladovsoft Fitorg you can visit its official web page or directly download it from the following link:

Download Fitorg (1196 KB)

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