Thursday, December 6, 2018

Best Turn-Based Strategy for Android

I've always been a fan of turn-based strategy games. They are a great exercise for your brain but without the constant need to hurry in real-time strategies. Thus you can enjoy the game and improve your tactical skills without any stress. Unfortunately, in today's busy world many people don't have time to sit in front of a PC and spend a few hours playing their favorite turn-based strategy game. That's where your phone comes to the rescue and in this article I will review one of the best turn-based strategies for Android.

I've tried a lot of turn-based strategy games for Android and the one that I liked most is The Battle of Polytopia. It is a lightweight game similar to one of the most popular turn-based PC strategies - Sid Meier's Civilization. Because the game is small and light, it runs fine on almost all smartphones, even old ones. Another plus is that it is free and does not contain ads. The game includes in-app purchases that allows you to get access to additional tribes, but they are not mandatory to enjoy the game. A benefit of some of the paid tribes you can enjoy some new units, technologies and abilities.

You start each game on a randomly generated map against one or more other tribes. Depending on the mode of the game you have selected you should either make as much points as possible for 30 turns or you should conquer all of the other tribes. The game comes with more than a dozen of different units like warriors, archers, swordsmen, riders, knights, catapults and a bunch of navy units. To gain access to each of the units you should research one or more technologies from the games tech tree. Technologies also reveal the secrets of different building and improvements you can make to your cities to make them stronger, more wealthy of increase their population.

The following are two screenshots of some of my end games with the Imperius and the Aquarion tribes respectively:

Turn-Based Strategy for Android - Battle of Polytopia Battle of Polytopia - Aquarion Tribe

In each turn of this great Android turn-based strategy game you should decide how to best use your available resources - to research a new technology, to purchase improvements to your cities, to purchase or upgrade military units or a mix of all of these options. The artificial intelligence (AI) of the computer controlled tribes is very good, so if you want to beat them you should give your best.

The Battle of Polytopia is definitely a game I would recommend to any turn-based strategy fan and especially to those who enjoy the Civilization series on the PC and are searching for something similar on Android. With The Battle of Polytopia you get a simplified, but not simple game that feels and looks great on any Android phone and will put your strategy thinking to the test!

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