Saturday, December 21, 2019

Free Online Barcode Label Generator

Today, barcodes are everywhere - in stores, magazines, brochures, web sites and forums, in the subway and so on. The rise of popularity of barcodes has lead to the creation of hundreds of barcode generator desktop applications and web services. It's pretty easy to find good free barcode generators, but if you need not only a barcode, but a barcode label with image, title and text as shown on the right, the task to find a good free application that can do the job becomes much harder. In this article I will review MegaBarcode - a free online barcode label generator that works on Linux, macOS and Windows.

MegaBarcode is available at It is a free online barcode label generator that works in your browser no matter if you use Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or any other OS. The web application's user interface contains a toolbar with commands and a grid that lets you add the barcode labels you want to create, their titles, descriptions and images. By clicking the Page button you can define the page size and how many rows and columns of barcode labels you want per page. Click the Design button to configure various aspects of the design of your barcode labels. When ready, click the Preview button to see your barcode labels in a new tab. Press Ctrl + P (Command + P for Mac users) in the preview tab to print the barcodes. To see the user guide, click Help -> User Guide.

The following barcodes are supported:

  • EAN - commonly used in Europe
    • EAN-13
    • EAN-8
    • EAN-5
    • EAN-2
  • UPC - commonly used in USA and Canada
    • UPC (A)
    • UPC (E)
  • CODE39
  • CODE128
    • CODE128 (automatic mode switching)
    • CODE128 A/B/C (force mode)
  • ITF
    • ITF
    • ITF-14
  • MSI
    • MSI10
    • MSI11
    • MSI1010
    • MSI1110
  • Pharmacode
  • Codabar

MegaBarcode is very powerful and feature rich web application and is a very good choice for generating professional barcode labels. It makes barcode label generation easy on Windows, macOS, Linux and Andoid. You get the same functionality on all of your devices. This is very useful especially for Linux, because often software versions for Linux are limited in functionality and features. Last but not least, nothing beats the price of MegaBarcode - it's free! Check it out at:

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